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edMe Researches

We are always studying the incoming data to connect learning objectives and improve each learning experience. We are also planning these large-scale research efforts:

Technology & Problem Solving: edMe recognizes that problem solving is a skill that can be improved. We are focused on specifically improving students’ problem-solving skills and attitudes within: STEM challenges, writing challenges and mathematical word problems. The U.S. Department of Education accepted our White Paper and we are interested in partnering with:

  • Schools/Districts with interest in piloting new materials focused on problem solving across these subjects at the elementary and middle school levels.
  • Researchers interested in providing objective, third-party analysis of this intervention. The intervention documents quantitative and qualitative data that can be analyzed in pre-/post-intervention studies.

Research will extend for 4 years as we deeply examine what works and what needs to be improved to maximally improve students’ problem solving skills across these domains. Interested? email us!

Implementing & Evaluating PACT: The University of Texas-Austin and the Meadows Center disseminated Promoting Adolescents’ Comprehension of Text (PACT). The research to date shows that this intervention delivers measurable gains in reading skills for students in middle- and high-school. This study will replicate their intervention using training workshops and virtual supports that will help ensure teachers can easily and reliably implement these methods into their classrooms. The U.S. Department of Education accepted our White Paper and we are interested in partnering with:

  • Organizations interested in partnering on workshops for teachers to help them better teach vocabulary and texts structure used in across ELA, Social Studies and Science.

Research will take 5 years to systematically replicate these methods and provide more evidence about this intervention. Interested? email us!

Short-term intervention on Mathematical Word Problems: Students can take pictures and explain their problem solving processes to get feedback (and become more aware) of their problem-solving efforts. This intervention takes 5 days and has 15 mathematical word problems. In addition to solving the problems, students answer questions about their thoughts before they solve the questions and what they can do when they see similar problems next time. This intervention is designed for classrooms and homeschoolers looking to get more practice with rich mathematical word problems.

This intervention is available, and we are looking for as many users as possible so that we can gather a wide range of experiences with this material. We are still looking for:

  • Schools, families, and students looking to participate in a study focused on mathematical word problems and educational technologies.

If you are interested, just email us!