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Energy, Life, and What You Eat

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1. Energy Sources

Chapter 2. The Components of Life

Chapter 3. Basic Plant Anatomy                                                                                              

Chapter 4. Pollination and Plant Reproduction

Chapter 5. Photosynthesis vs. Respiration

Chapter 6. How Respiration Works in Humans

Chapter 7. Parts of an Animal and Plant Cell

Chapter 8. Population, Community, and Ecosystem

Chapter 9. Plant and Animal Adaptations

Chapter 10. The Flow of Energy

Chapter 11. Natural Selection and Peppered Moths

Chapter 12. The Food Production Chain

Chapter 13. Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Chapter 14. What Makes an Organism

Chapter 15. Human Impacts on Environment

Chapter 16. Clean Water and Living Downstream

Chapter 17. Hands-On Experiment #1: How to Grow a Plant

Chapter 18. Hands-on Experiment #2: Extracting DNA?

Chapter 19. Hands-on Experiment #3: Classifying Different Organisms?

Chapter 20. Conclusion


Answer Keys