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Fairfax is STEM: Electromagnet from Electricity is Elementary

Here is another experiment from Sabiha Basit’s forthcoming book, Electricity is Elementary. She creates a tiny electromagnet using a tiny AA battery.

Sabiha is a great new author. Here is how she explains her science background and vision:

Sabiha S. Basit is a current student at George Mason University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Biology. She loves all things nature, whether that is exploring the nearest park or hiking a tall mountain with her family. She enjoys teaching, and has a passion for educating STEM subjects to children. She hopes to further her education in biology and become a lifelong science educator. Until then, you can find her at edMe Learning creating fun and educational content for children!

Sabiha’s forward in Electricity is Elementary

We hope that you and your students explore electricity from a science and a reading learning perspective. Her book is full of rich informational texts and hands-on science that you can do anywhere.

Take a peak!