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Feedback for Road Runner’s Race

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Question 1. Your answer: 450

But the actual answer was 8 letters. Watch this video for a detailed solution explanation. It uses two equations to determine the correct answer.

This video uses a table to model all the possible combinations to determine the correct answer.

Question 2. Your answer is 2,400, but the actual answer was 800 meters.

Watch this video for an explanation why 2,400 meters is not correct and how to adapt the strategy to find the correct answer.

This video uses a number line to model the situation.

Question 3. Your answer: 19was not correct.

The actual answer is 54 cups on each table. Check out 2 other strategies to solve this question:was not correct. This video uses multiplication and division to calculate the number of cups on each table.

This video uses a model of the situation.