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A special note for some special kids: Sorry to hear that you are sick! This page has four videos about flight. Some are about the science of flying and others describe how to build perfect paper airplanes. Watch these videos as you recover and we can talk about any words that you cannot figure out by their context. The fifth video is just something funny. When you are feeling better, read the article at the top of this webpage. Then, read it a second time with a piece of paper so you can follow the directions to build the perfect paper airplane. Hope you feel better soon!

New vocabulary: thrust, drag, lift, gravity

The keys delivered by a scientist and engineer named Demetri.

Want more details on Demetri’s lesson? Look at this video for a professional (and funny) look at lift, thrust and drag using real planes.

Paper Airplanes!

Want more paper airplane facts while you fold? Check out this SciShow video.

Our favorite flyer EVER!