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Foundations of Academic Success: Practice, Practice, Practice

What is the main idea of this reading?

Dr. Duffy wrote, quofLearning to appreciate what you have is just as important as earning As on exams and papers.”

What does she mean by “appreciate”?

The author wrote “Problem solving through effective research and knowing how to test your ideas and hypotheses will make you a very valuable employee and citizen of your community.”. 

What does “hypotheses” mean in this context?

The author wrote “You will not miss much being gone from your college for a short period of time, and you will return from your adventure a changed person.”. 

What does “period” mean in this context?

The author wrote “Remember you are paying a substantial amount of money for your tuition; find out what resources you have and take advantage of them.”

What does “resources” mean in this context?

What does Dr. Kristine Duffy say is the purpose of college?

What is one thing that Dr. Duffy’s classmates would have traded for all the money they had?

What does she mean when she writes that professors “cannot and should not do the work for you”?

What does she mean by “Stop that thought in its tracks!”?

Why are internships important according to Dr. Duffy?