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Good morning Sabiha!

Today we are going to dive deeply into previously created edMe reading materials, and then further explore your outline and topic.

  1. Grab one of the “Create your own cover” handouts by the bubble station (near Evaluation Station; ask if you need help).
  2. Circle books that you have read recently or know very well. (You can also look through the top shelf of the yellow filing cabinet for copies of some of these books).
  3. We will meet to talk about writing assignments and projects that we create for reading books so that you have an idea about how “big” of projects we can create based on your book.
  4. You will create 7-10 projects for that book with cut-and-paste rubrics from GDrive:
  5. We will meet and discuss the projects you created.
  6. Over the course of the day, I will ask you to bind 4-5 books.

Your book:

  1. This weekend, I learned that we need to promote events 4-6 weeks in advance so we need to set a launch date for your book by the time you leave.
  2. Let’s talk through your outline and discuss any new ideas.
  3. We need to add about 3 high-impact, hands-on activities that we can use to drive engagement with your book.
  4. When you need a down moment, please search for elementary science blogs and magazines and send me a list. We may submit a portion of your book to these channels to drive interest.
  5. Begin writing sections.
    1. Remember to consider open-source art ( and open-source texts (; Search).
  6. Email Mike first two chapters when they are ready.

Also, please make sure that you can edit the GCalendar () by adjusting your hours on Thursday and Friday to reflect when you expect to work.

Overview of this Week:

  • Monday: Mike meeting with Planning Department midday
  • Tuesday: T-shirts arrive from Custom Ink
  • Wednesday: Cox installs internet
  • Thursday: Half-day for FCPS
  • Friday: First day of summer for local students
  • Saturday: STEM Celebration in store
  • Sunday: OFF – (Mike presenting research)

Internet Options

  • You have an access email from Cox Wireless and can use their services.
  • You still have access to the MiFi (Verizon MIFI 3370)
  • We can set up second MiFi (Verizon SM) when needed.

Thanks so much and please ask questions!