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Graphic Novel: Triwizard Tournament

The Triwizard Tournament is full of interesting events and exciting places.

Graphic novels show the setting, events, and characters along with their dialogue. Sometimes graphic novels also show characters’ thoughts, which is called internal dialogue. (All of these terms are defined below.)

For this project, you will create a page of a graphic novel to show an event in the Triwizard Tournament. (If you are in a book club or classroom, you may be able to coordinate and create a graphic novel that covers the entire Tournament!)

For your graphic novel, make sure the page covers the important action of the event. Draw the background first so your readers can see where everything is happening. Then, draw the characters in action.

After you create your page of the graphic novel, write one paragraph that describes the events on your page.

Your paragraph should use at least 3 facts from the story.

If you want to show off, upload your page and paragraph here.

Upload your picture here.

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