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Questions for this Chapter

Imagine you are running late for school. You wake up and rush to get yourself dressed. You don’t want to miss the bus! You run across the carpet to the door. But, when you touch your doorknob, a wave of shock enters through your body.

What just happened?

This shock is one example of electricity. It’s a common type of electricity—static electricity. You may be surprised how many everyday activities involve electricity! Each morning, you might open your eyes when a battery-powered alarm sounds.

This kitchen shows how much of our lives is powered by electricity.

You may microwave a warm breakfast. More cars on the road use electricity. And, if you looked around you may see electrical wires all around.

This book will answer all your electricity-related questions! We will learn about important inventions that changed human history forever. For example, lightning rods and modern-day electric cars. We will also explore how all your favorite electronic gadgets function, like smartphones, laptops, and T.V.!

This book will describe the important people who discovered and advanced the fields of electricity. These people include:

  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Nikola Tesla
  • Thomas Edison
  • Joseph Swan, and more!

You will learn more about electricity. Pay attention to the new words. These words are important for understanding this science. Here are a list of the words that you will learn in this book.

electrical currents circuits style=”background-color:#00ffff;” Voltage conductors
insulators alternating current direct current parallel circuits
series circuit resistance light waves electromagnetism

We know you will enjoy this learning fun!

Questions for this Chapter

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