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Knowledge is Power! Important things to learn

Hermione, Harry Potter and many others knew they needed more knowledge and practice to defend against the dark arts. What did they do to fix this problem?

What is something you think you need more knowledge about? Some others wrote about: starting a business, flying, driving a car, how clothes are made, earthquakes, … the ideas are endless!

For this project, you will write a three paragraph essay.

  1. The first paragraph will use Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix(TM) to describe how they taught themselves to defend against the dark arts.
  2. The second paragraph will use your own research to describe how you could teach yourself something important.
  3. The third paragraph will compare and contrast how they taught each other and your plan for learning something important.

For paragraph 3, you may want to make a Venn Diagram to organize your thoughts, but it isn’t required.

If you want to share your three-paragraph essay, you can upload it here.

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To view the project rubrics, click here.