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edMe Original Non-Fiction Books

Full Books with projects, questions and answer keys

Reading companions with projects, questions and answer keys for books you love to read


Questions – Main Idea

We ask a multiple-choice, main-idea question almost every chapter. This way students see strong summaries and better understand the main idea/plot events. This helps students gain skills in summarizing and reading for understanding. If children are lost, they will receive guidance through the Feedback page.

Questions – Important Details

Most questions will ask about critical details in the story. We choose these questions to highlight key pieces of information needed later in the text, and to help students adjust to citing texts to defend their answers (see next section).

Questions – Supporting Evidence

It’s important that students learn how to cite text and summarize evidence. These questions is where this system shines. Our online scoring engine checks student evidence immediately, and our printed books include keys with the evidence as well. These questions help children investigate the text, better understand the structure of the text they just read, and become better prepared for tests that require students to cite evidence for their Reading responses.

Questions – Vocabulary

These questions identify the most important words in your text–words that will help students understand a variety of texts. These questions will have options that could make sense grammatically in the sentence to ensure children learn how to find meaning for words given context clues and surrounding texts.