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Lillian Gilbreth

Before we begin: Write down what you know about Lillian Gilbreth in a notebook. (If you are just learning about her, write her name on the top of the page.)

Purdue University is proud of Lillian’s work! This short video provides an energetic overview.

This 2020 video from PBS highlights Lillian’s role as a STEM pioneer.

Vox explored the Gilbreth’s home life to highlight how her engineering leadership and mindset impacted her family.

Interested in Industrial Organization Psychology? Here is a 90-second video that explains the Gilbreths’ roles and the field they pioneered.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Do you consider Lillian Gilbreth a pioneer? List three pieces of evidence from the videos to support your point.
  2. Define IO Psychology and provide an example from one of the videos.
  3. If there are any words or topics you do not understand, list them on your page.
  4. What is the key takeaway you want to remember about Lillian Gilbreth?