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Math Word Problem Solving – Mixed #1

Ruth is planning to serve ice cream sundaes to guests at her birthday party. She purchased 3 flavors of ice cream: vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, 2 different sauces: chocolate and caramel, and 4 different toppings: bananas, nuts, sprinkles, and whipped cream. How many different types of sundaes can be made if every guest selects only one ice cream flavor, one type of sauce, and one topping?


Jerome needs 1 gallon of paint in order to paint a bedroom ceiling that is shaped like a square and measures 12 feet on each side. How many gallons of paint would he need to paint a living room ceiling that is shaped like a square and each side measures 24 feet?


Bill is making a gate for a wooden fence to keep his dogs in his yard. He bought four boards of wood from the home improvement store. Each board measures 10 feet in length. He needs 3 foot 6 inch pieces of wood to build the gate. How many pieces can Bill make from his four boards?


A youth group and their adult chaperones want to visit a water park. The admission fees for this water park are listed below:

The total cost for all 17 people in the group to enter the park is $129.00. How many children were in this group?


A group of 150 tourists were waiting for a shuttle to take them from a parking lot to a theme park’s entrance. The only way they could reach the park’s entrance was by taking this shuttle. The shuttle can carry 18 tourists at a time. After one hour, everyone in the group of 150 tourists reached the theme park’s entrance. What is the fewest number of times that the shuttle picked tourists up from the parking lot?


Aunt Marie purchased 80 Silly Bandz for her two nephews Elijah and Jordan. She gave Elijah 10 more Silly Bandz than Jordan. How many Silly Bandz did Elijah receive?


A family is planning a camping trip to a national park and receives the following information about the costs per day:

The family will camp for 10 days and need to park their trailer each day. The family consists of 4 people including a father, mother, 8 year–old child, and a 14 year–old child. Each person will need to use the common areas on a daily basis. How much will they pay for their camping trip?

What is this question asking you to find?

Maria wanted a bicycle so she started saving all of her money. For every $6.00 that Maria saved, her mother gave her $2.00. Maria had $56.00 after three months. How much money did Maria’s mother give her?