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NOVA Math Placement Practice

The NOVA Math Placement test covers foundational math concepts. Some of this practice will feel too basic, but it’s intent is to provide simple examples of harder concepts. For example, it’s easy to remember to align the ones when adding 18 + 7, but we all know it’s easy to make mistakes when adding 32.6 + 0.36.

Link to NOVA's free resources

This practice will highlight the underlying concepts. Some of this conceptual texts comes from a forthcoming book that explains math concepts to parents. If you have questions about the concepts, use the comment sections and we will respond to use as quickly as possible.

In the first unit, there are lots of fluencies. Math fluencies mean fast and accurate computations. You will want to practice the Fluency sets until you can solve them quickly and with confidence.

Here are the links to the practice for each unit: