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edMe Learning empowers the most important texts and engaging books to ensure your child becomes a stronger reader while developing a love of reading at the same time. This book has:

  • 150 reading comprehension questions
  • Including 68 questions requiring students to cite the text
  • 8 projects with rubrics
  • Keys and scoring sheets for quick feedback

These materials are also available at as a subscription that gives you immediate feedback on the reading comprehension questions and the ability to share projects. 

We hope you enjoy this thrilling tale of an amazing series!

Table of Contents


  1. Vocabulary Word Wall for Charlotte’s Web™
  2. What could be the Bad News?
  3. Is Wilbur a Good Friend?
  4. What are spider webs?
  5. Everyone gets a Prize in Charlotte’s Web™
  6. What is the lesson of Charlotte’s Web™?
  7. Thinking about the whole book: Characters in Charlotte’s Web™
  8. Theme & Cover Art

Answer Keys

Rubric Sheets



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