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This book is made for your student to explore plot, characters, dialogue, and setting. We include writing aides and rubrics so your student has the support to explore these key ideas. We don’t use these terms directly; they can learn that vocabulary soon. Right now, we are simply helping your child develop a strong foundation that will help them as readers and writers.

If your student is worried about drawing skills, create collages using cutouts from magazines, webpages, etc. And, don’t worry too much about spelling. Please feel free to cut and rearrange the drawing pages. Use this book anyway you want to have fun and explore big ideas like how character development and dialogue.

In all of our books, we help students track their own learning so they know when they are successful and when they need to put in more effort. This ability to self-evaluate is one that research shows improves students’ success throughout their career. By practicing this skill early, students will do better on future academic challenges.

If you are interested in more information or want to show off your student’s creations with other young comic book creators, see this book’s website:



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