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This research is being conducted to see whether this website can improve problem solving skills. If you agree to allow your child to participate, your child will participate in the same classroom activities as everyone else. The class will be asked to complete two math worksheets and engage with a problem solving website five times. The website will ask questions about your student’s problem-solving strategies. Student strategies will take a picture of their scrapwork and can describe their strategies as an audio clip or by typing it into the website. All pictures and audio files are saved on a secured server and stored offline. Only the researchers will access them.

In addition, with your consent, researchers will give your classroom teacher a sheet with names, a unique identifier, and then he or she will write your student’s GPA, age and gender. Your teacher will then cut off the names and hand the unique identifiers and GPA data to the researchers. These GPAs will be matched with data from the worksheets and problem-solving strategies. We will only report data that is averaged from many students, no data from your child will be reported.

This process will take no additional time for your child.

There are no foreseeable risks for participating in this research.

There are no benefits to you or your child other than to further research in math education.

The data in this study will be confidential. Your child will use a random user name on the website. Students will complete two math worksheets and their names will be removed from these sheets as soon as the data is matched to the user name. The database is secure and contains no personally identifiable information. We will save these consent forms and the identification key in a locked drawer in our offices. Only Dr. Miller will have access to the identification key.

De-identified data could be used for future research without additional consent from participants.

Your child’s participation is voluntary, and you may withdraw your child from the study at any time and for any reason. If you or your child decide not to participate or if you or your child withdraw from the study, there is no penalty or loss of benefits to which you or your child are otherwise entitled. There are no costs to you or any other party. Your child will still use these worksheets and website. If your child does not participate in the research, he/she will still use these worksheets and website as part of regular course activities but that data will not be used for research purposes.

This research is being conducted Dr. Angela Miller at George Mason University. She may be reached at 703-993-5560 for questions or to report a research-related problem. You may contact the George Mason University Institutional Review Board office at 703-993-4121 if you have questions or comments regarding your or your child’s rights as a participant in the research.

This research has been reviewed according to George Mason University procedures governing your or your child’s participation in this research.

I have read this form, all of the questions I have at this time have been answered by the research staff, and I agree to allow my child to participate in this study.


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