edMe Weekly Tutoring (grades 2-12)

$99.99 / week for 8 weeks


The edMe tutoring package guarantees a weekly 60-90 minute tutoring session covering math, reading, writing, and/or science (your choice). Each tutoring session will help solidify foundational concepts and discuss problem-solving processes. This design ensures your student has the key building blocks AND the tools to put them together. We also discuss motivation, study skills, and strategies to continue improvement.

Between each tutoring session, edMe will provide you with virtual and printed resources that will help you enact these plans over the next 6 days. Your child will receive feedback through these online tools from the edMe system and edMe educators. This will include a midweek communication that updates progress on the goals and strategies discussed during the face-to-face meeting.

The big idea is that children need a coach that builds up their skills AND a technology that turns the phone, tablet, laptop, etc. into a true learning tool. You are guaranteeing your child has these tools.

Note that you will receive a diagnostic assessment that will help map out this support.


This video shows some of the process- and skill-focused feedback that we deliver every minute of a tutoring session.


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