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This exciting book has 16 readings with reading and science questions, and 3 hands-on experiments you can conduct with common objects.

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This book is a great resource for fourth and fifth graders interested in science and building reading skills. It is also an engaging text for older students that would like more practice with informational texts. This 86-page book contains:

  • 16 science readings appropriate for grades 4 & 5
  • 7 writing assignments and graphic organizers
  • 151 comprehension questions
  • 3 hands-on experiments with everyday objects and YouTube support
  • Glossary and answer keys help ensure students get the most possible out of this book

List of readings:

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. History of Electricity
Chapter 3. Benjamin Franklin
Chapter 4. The Results of Ben Franklin’s Experiment
Chapter 5. Thomas Edison’s Lightbulb
Chapter 6. Parts of a Simple Lightbulb
Chapter 7. The Battle for Electric Power
Chapter 8. Cool Tech: Electric Cars
Chapter 9. How a Tesla Model S Operates
Chapter 10. Electromagnetism and Electromagnetic Waves
Chapter 11. Light is an Electromagnetic Wave
Chapter 12. The Incredible (Invisible) Nature of Light
Chapter 13. Cool Tech: Smartphones
Chapter 14. The Magical World of Television
Chapter 15. Electric Grid
Chapter 16. Cool Tech: Laptops & Computers
Chapter 17. Hands-On Experiment #1: Playdough Circuit
Chapter 18. Hands-on Experiment #2: What Conducts Electricity?
Chapter 19. Hands-on Experiment #3: Create an Electromagnet
Chapter 20. Conclusion
Answer Keys

About the Author: Sabiha S. Basit is a current student at George Mason University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Biology. She loves all things nature, whether She loves all things nature, whether that is exploring the nearest park or hiking a tall mountain with her family. She enjoys teaching and has a passion for educating STEM subjects to children. She hopes to further her education in biology and become a lifelong science educator. Until then, you can find her at edMe Learning creating fun and educational content for children!


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