Middle School STEM Club

The challenges and step-by-step curriculum for a vibrant 12-week STEM club. Empower months of STEM learning for your children!


This STEM Club focuses on hands-on building projects and virtual design challenges using physics simulators. All of these challenges will utilize the engineering design process. Your students will be sketching designs, creating their solution, testing it, and collecting high-quality data to inform the next design sketch.

Supporting online materials are mobile friendly and full of video resources. You can have these materials playing on a monitor or smartboard while students design, build, test, evaluate, and redesign their solutions to these challenges. Students can also use these materials on their phone to document their engineering design process steps.

These materials are fun and engaging. And, if that is your primary goal, GREAT!!

However, if your school is focused on improving math or reading scores, each challenge has supporting materials that emphasize these skills. You will have access to grade-appropriate informational texts, and rich data-driven math activities. These are completely optional, but we are here to fully support your school’s needs.

Each challenge is powered by edMe’s gamified website giving you access to badges and intermediate challenges that make learning fun!

If you want to truly support your teachers, consider purchasing a 15- or 30-pack kit of engineering materials to always have on hand.


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