Reading Book Club: Middle School


Support your middle school readers with projects and reading comprehension supports that will keep your children engaged while developing these critical reading skills!


Support your school’s readers! We provide a new reading project each week that can be completed by students reading different books.

Each project is extremely text based and will allow students to talk and create as they build and share their reading knowledge. Projects come with rubrics that describe each dimension of the project so students know exactly what they need to do to successfully complete the project. These rubrics also encourage students to iteratively improve their work so that it represents their best efforts. They coach your student to success.

As part of this subscription, your Reading Club will get access to posters and flyers advertising your new reading club. AND, access to the thousands of reading comprehension questions in the edMe library.

For just $99, you will have access to everything your school needs to host a successful book club from now until Christmas!


This reading adventure will help keep your students interested in reading and turn your spaces into a colorful celebration of stories and characters.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us:


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