Special Event! One-hour edMe Class


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We will bring the technology and materials to work with 15 of your learners. Have a larger group? Need more time? Just email us (edMe@myedme.com) for special accommodation.

Regardless, we will reach out to you shortly after your purchase to talk about your students and what topic will be most engaging.

Here are some topics from recent learning events:

  • Creating model lungs and discussing how cells work together to function as organs.
  • Building playdough circuits to discuss the flow of electricity through circuits
  • Building wind-powered cars to explore vehicle design and renewable resources
  • Discussing computer basics and coding binary bracelets to make sense of how computers work.
  • Designing and redesigning robotic hands and feet to examine how different materials are better for different purposes.

We are always adding more kits, books and explorations! We are also happy to incorporate your ideas to dream up something brand new.

If you have any questions, shoot us an email and we will quickly respond to your requests. Thanks for helping your children learn!


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