Weekly STEM Class: 1 hour

$49.99 / week



edMe teaches 1-hour STEM classes at a variety of locations across the Fairfax area. These classes are weekly explorations of STEM activities. Class sizes can be 15-30 students. We will bring the materials for a great building adventure, you bring the STEM explorers!

We entertain and educate with activities like:

  • Creating model lungs and understanding how organs function together.
  • Building wind-powered cars to explore vehicle design and harnessing renewable resources
  • Designing boats for in-water testing and a free virtual physics simulator
  • Discussing and work with coding basics starting with binary bracelets
  • Imagining robotic designs by designing robotic foot and hands

Each class is data rich and backed up with edMe’s learning platform. Your students can read about these activities before or after the class.

These follow-on activities guarantee that you and your families see the value of these STEM activities and continue the learning 24/7.

Join us!


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