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Boat Planning: Quick to Maneuver

A new idea to master! Maneuvering means how your ship turns and stops. You will want a ship that you can control well for all the missions. (If you are having problems downloading FLEET, please let them know by emailing today. They love to help!

Challenge #4

Build a boat that quickly maneuvers through the Maneuverability Test course.

Not only does your ship have to be fast, you have to be able to control it easily. What ship parts will help you be successful? How does your ship’s weight affect your final times?

Upload your first Maneuverability Test design here. (You can take a screenshot by hitting “Printscreen” on Windows and Command + 3 on Macs.)

Upload your picture here.

(You can receive up to three 15-point badges for your Speed Test plans. You must go through the process 3 times to receive all 3 badges.)

After you complete this step move on to Testing Your Ship!