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Sharing Ideas

Sorry for taking a couple days to figure this out, but here are the best options I foresee (unfortunately, I could not find any time on the next 2 Mondays):

  • 1. Tuesdays right after school: I come from Alexandria to Fairfax and could stop by for an hour right after school.
  • 2. Friday any time
  • 3. Sunday if it makes sense for your family schedule

Also, we have a writing site that we can leverage down the road to do this writing practice more consistently with less of a time commitment. For the remainder of this school year, we are not charging for these web resources, so it is simply another forum that could work to help find ways to practice that do not feel so onerous. 

Thanks for your patience,
Mike Briscoe
Chief Education Officer at edMe Learning

Writing Plan

  1. Excite interest by creating a YouTube video script to describe a topic of his choice.
    1. We will do paragraphs next week, but videos have the same structure (introduction, details, conclusion).
    2. This misdirection will hopefully avoid any anxiety while going over the same big ideas.
  2. Discuss how all writing (including scripts) use the Writing Process.

Verifying Email

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