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Kara Loves Music

You will be answering these 3 questions. Look over them quickly, then click “Start Here” to begin answering questions.

Be sure to have scrap paper near you!

Questions in this set:

Question #5 Kara’s playlist has three songs:

  1. “Each Day” (3 minutes)
  2. “Best Friends” (3 minutes)
  3. “This Weekend” (2 minutes)

How many times can Kara listen to her entire playlist during a 35–minute car ride?

Question #8 This weekend, Kara will take a two–and–a–half hour road trip to visit her relatives. She wonders if she can listen to all the albums shown below.

Album Length (in minutes)
Driving Fast 43
Silent Sister 58
Forever Funny 37
Today’s Five 45
The Barnyard 52
Free Bison 48

Can Kara listen to all of the albums on her road trip?
Explain why or why not.

Question #11 Kara decides to listen to the Free Bison album on the two–and–a–half hour road trip back home. She started playing it right at the beginning of the trip and has just finished listening to it 3 times in a row.

Use M to represent the number of minutes before Kara gets home.

Write an equation that could be solved to find how many minutes it will be before Kara gets home.

Time to start!