edMe SS: Declaration of Independence

This web app has the text and supporting materials for the Declaration of Independence. We use proven instruction to help students become more confidant readers while gaining the critical social studies insights. The app asks students questions that reinforce the main ideas as well as important details for understanding this piece of history.

The primary goal is to help improve reading skills while engaging with primary sources. This lightweight companion helps students look for evidence and draw conclusions based on evidence – a skill critical across the educational spectrum.

We hope you enjoy this reading and build your love history!

Preamble: First Paragraph
Preamble: Second Paragraph
List of Grievances: 1-6
List of Grievances: 7-12
List of Grievances: 13-18
List of Grievances: 19-24
List of Grievances: 25-27
Resolution of Independence: Paragraphs 1 and 2
Resolution of Independence: Paragraph 3