Feedback for Kara’s Trip

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Question 1. Not quite! You answered: 3

But, it would only take 24 minutes to listen to the playlist 3 times so she would have 11 extra minutes.

This video shows why 3 times is not the correct answer and provides a strategy to use next time.

This video uses calculations to find the correct answer.

Question 2. You did not answer this question.

The actual answer was "No, there is not enough time" with a valid explanation.

See how 2 other people solved this question:

This video uses a clock to find the number of minutes in two-and-a-half hours, and then adds the lengths of the albums to compare the two amounts.

This video uses a model to quickly compare the lengths of time.

Question 3. Good thinking!!

You correctly found an equation using M.Your answer:
3 x 48 + M = 150
If you are interested, check out 2 other ways to solve this question:

This video uses a description of the situation to create the equation 150=48x3+M.

This video uses a number line to model the situation and ends with 4 correct equations.