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What are spider webs?

“When the words appeared, everyone said they were a miracle. But nobody pointed out that the web itself is a miracle.”

Dr. Dorian in Charlotte’s Web

You may be reading this story and wondering, what is a spider web? Here is some information for you:

Spider webs have sticky silk and silk that is not sticky. Spiders do not walk on the sticky silk. Spider legs have small claws that grab on to the threads. Spiders that make webs have three claws on each foot! These claws let spiders move quickly around their web.

Spider silk is made from protein. You eat protein in meat and beans. And, you drink protein in milk. Spiders use a special type of protein to make their webs. Spider silk is 5 times stronger than steel! That is why it takes a lot of energy to make a web.

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Write a paragraph that describes how Charlotte made her spider webs. Use 2 quotes from the book to show some of the science described above.

Read your paragraph and make changes so it is easier to read. Also fix any words that are not spelled correctly.

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