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Writing arguments: Best costume ever!

Think about the most exciting Halloween costume you wore or have seen. Write a paragraph that describes it to your reader so that they imagine the same thing you see in your head. I included my example at the bottom of this post. Most importantly, make sure you description shows why this costume is so exciting!

Remember how to structure a paragraph. Your paragraph should have an introductory sentence that introduces what makes that costume exciting. Then, you should have many sentences of details. Finally, you should have a concluding sentence that summarizes the details in the previous sentences. Your paragraph should introduce your idea, provide details and summarize what you described.

As you write use detail words that describe the colors, materials, and parts of the costume. Use exciting vocabulary so your reader is excited too.

Afterwards, you can upload your draft here.

Upload your paragraph.

When I was in fourth, fifth and sixth grade, I dressed up as a player for the Washington Redskins each year for Halloween. This costume was easily assembled from all the Redskins gear that covered the walls and desktops of the bedroom I shared with my brother. On Halloween, I would take the full-sized Washington Redskins helmet off the desk and wear it around the neighborhood. Because it was designed for adults my small head bounced around inside a huge, hard shell that was covered with burgundy paint and a gold and white stripes down the middle. I would wear sweatpants that were burgundy, red, or gray, just like my favorite team. I never wore a jersey, but I would wear a Redskins shirt or sweatshirt to show that I was really on the team. Most importantly, I would carry my worn football from house to house along with a growing bag of candy. Running like these professional athletes in my best approximation of their professional clothing was always a highlight of the fall. 

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