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Younes Goals & Study Support

Here are some study aids that will help you prepare for Wednesday’s Science test. We can help you be successful on this test. On Monday, please bring home a list of topics on Wednesday’s test. If you need to ask the teacher, that’s ok. He will be happy to know that you are focused on doing well on this test.

You can send me information through Google docs, your Mom can email (, or you can write a comment below. The first thing we need to share is a complete list of the topics on Wednesday’s test.

Here is the multiplication game.

Flashcards are a great study tool when you have to memorize between 5 and 15 things.

And, here is a video about the Scientific Method. You should write down definitions to these words on flashcards: Observation, Inference, Scientific Method, Evidence, and Data.

Play this video on loop so it repeats while you make your flashcards. It explains three big ideas:

  1. Earth rotates causing night & day
  2. Earth is slightly tilted which causes Summer and Winter.
  3. Earth rotates around the Sun in 1 year.


Saturn and Jupiter are huge! Uranus and Neptune are pretty big too. All 4 planets are primarily made of gas. That’s funny and you can remember the last 4 planets are gassy!

The inside 4 planets are rocky. We talked about Mercury having the shortest year and it’s the second hottest. Venus is the hottest and closer to the Sun than Earth. Mars is the fourth planet.

Your memory aid is a great one. Stick with it. Here is another “Planet Song” you can use while you study the order of the planets.

Space Scientists

The universe was first studied by Greeks in 300 B.C. Two scientists were Aristotle and Ptolemy. These two scientists believed the Earth was in the center of the universe.

In 1500s and 1600s new scientists named Copernicus and Galileo used new scientific tools, like telescopes, to figure out that the Sun is the center of the universe.

Remember old scientists thought the Earth was the center of the universe, and there names were Aristotle and Ptolemy. Newer scientists, named Copernicus and Galileo, understood the Sun is the center of the solar system.


If weather is on your test, this video from an expert at the Weather Channel describes weather maps and how weather works. All in 4 minutes! If you do not know any of these words, write them on a piece of paper and ask your parents.

Plate Tectonics

If you do need to know about the Ring of Fire and plate tectonics, here is a 2-minute video that explains these big ideas.