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Youssef Strategies and Self-Checks

I am so glad you took the writing assignment seriously. I typed up your first paragraph here:

then moon has a rocky surface it orbits the earth. then moon is a sign of night is coming soon. there is moon phases there is a crescent moon, a waning, 2 waxing, 2 gibbons, 2 quarter, 2 full, and a new moon.

Math practice for decimal multiplication.

Multiplication practice for factors:

Fraction exploration:

Here is another version of your paragraph that adds more detail about what the moon looks like and where it is.

The moon has a white rocky surface. It orbits the Earth, and is much smaller than earth. In fact, the moon is about one quarter the size of the Earth. Like most things in the universe, half of the moon is exposed to sunlight. Because the moon is white with almost no atmosphere, it reflects the sunlight and we call this light “moonlight”-even though the light is from the Sun! When we look up at the moon on earth, we see 2 waxing, 2 gibbons, 2 quarter moons. We also see a full, bright moon and a new, dark moon every lunar cycle (lunar cycle means the time it takes the moon to revolve around the Earth.

More details about what the moon is and what it looks like

In your argument essay, use some of these ideas to add a paragraph that adds a description of the foam bullets. Make sure you answer these questions:

  1. How do the foam bullets feel?
  2. What do the foam bullets look like?
  3. How do the foam bullets travel through the air?

Writing Checklist

  • Did I write my “i” and “t” correctly?
  • Does each sentence start with a capital letter?
  • Do I have some words in this paper that describe what things look like?
  • Do I use “and” twice in a sentence that should be broken into 2 sentences?

Moon Landing Simulator

This simulator is design to show you about the gravity and atmosphere on the moon.

You can send me information through Google docs, your Mom can email (, or you can write a comment below. The first thing we need to share is a complete list of the topics on Wednesday’s test.

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