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Join our vibrant learning community!

edMe supports learners in Fairfax, VA and across the country. We are particularly well-suited for after-school programs and enrichment activities. These four membership types show how we can help your child develop critical problem solving skills:

1. Gold Membership: Access to all of the STEM and reading challenges and supporting activities. This membership will help you read some of your favorite books and give you access to all of the STEM books we are publishing. Each adventure has places where you can show off your progress. These interim checks also give us the opportunity to provide feedback to better support your learning adventure.

2. edMe Family Pass: For families near Fairfax, VA, we encourage the family plan so you can come into the store and engage in STEM and reading workouts in addition to the workouts you have access to at home. We truly see our store as a Problem-Solving Gym. Come workout!

Our staff will support your challenge-based fun, while also identifying learning gaps and teaching impromptu lessons tailored to your needs. This pass gives your whole family access to personalized, fun learning.

3. STEM of the Month: If you want to enjoy the edMe STEM projects without leaving your home, sign up for our STEM of the Month club to gain access to our materials at the convenience of your front door. These challenges lead to hours of enjoyment and are supported by instructional videos that children love.

4. STEM & Reading Clubs: Schools and after-school groups should consider this level of support because there are also instructor-facing materials that help share our experiences teaching with these materials. The reading projects work across texts, so your students can read their own books and then meet to share their knowledge while heavily citing the text. The STEM challenges are tailored to elementary and middle school students with optional Math and Reading activities. In addition to the links above, there are Middle School STEM Clubs and Elementary Book Clubs, too.

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