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The cover of Summer Mathness 4
The cover of Summer Mathness 4

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11 thoughts on “Summer Mathness 7

  1. Saturday, 6/18

    53% of people in the northeast do not live in New York or Massachusetts which is 29791040

  2. I did Caesar, lasagna and cupcakes ($9.15) and wedding soup, salmon and cupcakes ($12.65). For 50 vegetarians, the total is $1406.25

  3. Friday (June 16): There are lots of possible meals.

    This photo of our work shows how we described our thinking and calculated the total price.

    Almost certainly, you will have different values. Note that we divided the people into a group of 100 and another group of 25 because those numbers make the mathematics easier. We did ourselves a favor!

  4. Thursday (June 15):

    There are lots of possible answers here. Our work shows one way to figure out which numbers make sense, and then some calculations to find values that make sense.

    You could find lots of other values. The key is to work with the numbers to ensure that all the packages do not cost fractions of a penny.

    1. I guessed the blueberries cost $0.50 each so the raspberry package cost 20.00/4=$5.00

  5. Wednesday (June 14): We found the total distance then used a table to find the time it would take to walk that distance.

    Here is our work:

    1. They walk 1 mile in 20 minutes which is 17.5 minutes to walk 7/8 miles. It will take them 30 min to walk 1.5 miles. The total is 302.5 minutes

  6. Tuesday (June 13): Who knew there was more copper in a dime???

    We took a picture of our calculations.

    1. My drawings are the same but I used graph paper so the lines were evenly spaces

    2. 100 pennies has 62.5 grams of copper and 10 dimes has 20.79 grams. The difference is 41.71.

      There are 187.5 grams of zinc in 100 pennies and there are 1.89 grams of nickel in 10 dimes. So the total of all 4 groups of metals is 272.68 grams

  7. Monday (June 12):
    1. Thermometer should be shaded 30% at $3,000.
    2. Thermometer should be shaded 25% at $2,500.
    3. Thermometer should be shaded 90% at $9,000.

    Here’s a pic of our sketches. (We have bad handwriting too!)

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